A couple of years ago I was working on online business card design and print web application. There was a need to show customer color options for text, border and background. As we had color in CMYK space we had to convert it to WEB color used on screen - to RGB color space. Looked like a simple task to create a PHP function using some mathematical equation. But not really. Web representation of CMYK color was not acurate at all.

New idea was to use a CMYK image converted by Adobe Photoshop to RGB as a conversion map. This way we can even have different image map for different display color workspace/profile.


Conversion map is an image of size 441 x 441 pixels where each pixel represents different color covering all CMYK space in 5% steps:

PHP script simply finds pixel on position given by CMYK values and returns its RGB value:

function cmyk2rgb($c, $m, $y, $k, $cmykMap='') {

    $x = round($y/5) * 21 + round($c/5);
    $y = round($k/5) * 21 + round($m/5);

    if(!$cmykMap) $cmykMap = dirname(__FILE__).'/cmyk_map_sRGB-IEC61966-21.png';
    if(!file_exists($cmykMap)) return false;

    $im = ImageCreateFromPng($cmykMap);
    $rgb = ImageColorAt($im, $x, $y);
    $r = ($rgb >> 16) & 0xFF;
    $g = ($rgb >> 8) & 0xFF;
    $b = $rgb & 0xFF;

    return array(
        'r' => $r,
        'g' => $g,
        'b' => $b,
        'rgb' => "{$r}, {$g}, {$b}",
        'hex' => sprintf("#%02X%02X%02X", $r, $g, $b)

Returned is an array containing individual RGB values, comma separated RGB values string and WEB color in hex format with hash e.g. #ff00CC. As default conversion image is used cmyk_colorspace.png located in same directory as the script.

To create own conversion image map open cmyk_map.tif (CMYK image) in Photoshop and save it for web as PNG. Photoshop will use current color profile.

Download files: cmyk2rgb.zip

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