System Settings

Default modSessionHandler - set to empty to use standard PHP file session instead of DB one. Little increase in speed of loading page.
cache_resource Yes
Default Yes - set to No to turn off caching of resources and static chunks and templates which usefull during development. Then do not forget to turn it back to Yes.
editor_css_path assets/css/wysiwyg.css
Default empty. Set path to CSS file to be used in WYSIWYG editor to display same style in editor like in front-end. E.g. assets/css/wysiwyg.css. Then in wysiwyg.css file import site CSS and make some adjustments like
@import "style.css";
body#tinymce { font-size: 13px; padding: 15px !important; }
compress_js No
Default Yes - when server does not support compressing and minimising JS files and back-end does not work this needs to be set to No. In such a case you need to make change directly in database using e.g. Phpmyadmin.